Key Performance indicators

Key Performance indicators- Endoscopy

I have been an accredited screening colonoscopist for the National Bowel Cancer screening programme for seven years, based at Derriford Hospital, as a member of the South Devon Bowel Screening Centre. I have a lifetime experience of over 6000 colonoscopies, performing between 350-400 colonoscopies per year. Since the BCSP started in 2007, with considerable experience of management of early T1 disease and large benign polyps endoscopically with Endoscopic mucosal resection. I have performed over 600 screening colonoscopies and my outcomes are submitted centrally to the DoH. 

  • Caecal intubation rate 99.5%
  • Adenoma detection rate 44.5 %
  • Perforation rate 0%
  • Post polypectomy bleeding rate <2% 
    • admission rate 0%
    • transfusion rate 0%
  • Mean extubation time > 6 mins
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